| P.O.Box 922, Redmond, Oregon 97756.

Inventory and Needed Donations 

A 501 c 3, non-profit animal rescue organization 


asterisk* indicates items in inventory - all others are needed items

Dog Holding Area

*Orange Fencing Roll
*Light fence posts & Post Driver
*Pop up Canopy
*wire crate
*Water Bowls, treats 
*Pooper Scoopers, buckets & rake
*Work Lights (standing)

Incoming Area

*First Aid Kit
*Folding Chairs
*Pop up Canopy
*Digital Camera
*Wireless printer/paper 
*Office Supplies (pens, stapler, tape, clipboards, etc)
Hand Sanitizer


Information Area

*Pop Up Canopy
*Table & Chairs
*Information Board
*Maps of Central Oregon
*Walkie Talkies
*lap top(2) & wireless printer 

Vet Supplies

*4x4 gauze
*2x2 gauze
*Rolled Cotton
*Vet Wrap
*Latex Gloves
I.V. Catheters
I.V. Solution
Eye Wash & Eye Ointment
*Antibiotic Ointment

P.E.T. Vehicles

*Halters & Leads
*Work Gloves
*Snappy snare & Catch Pole
*Cat/Bird nets,* leashes & muzzles
*Flash Lights & Batteries
*Reflective Vests
*First Aid Kit (hand sanitizer)
Gas Cards
*Water & Maps

Supply Area

*Tool box & tools
*First Aid Kit
*Extra Water (bottled & gallon)
*Paper Towels & plastic cups
*Latex Gloves
*Pet Food & Cat Litter
*Large Plastic Storage Containers
Disposable Dishes* & Litter Pans
*Leashes & Muzzles
*Paper ID Collars
*Tarps & Shade Tarps
*Large Cooler Chest
Sleeping Bags
*Towels & Small Blankets
*Heavy Duty Work Gloves
*Trash Cans & Liners
*Broom & Dust Pans
*Zip Ties & Bungee Cords
*Flash Lights & Batteries
*Spray Bottles & Cleaners
Water buckets for livestock

Miscellaneous Supplies
 * Stock Trailer

‚Äč*small cargo trailer for Prineville
*Folding Signs (2)
 livestock panels 
*P.E.T. Banners
Funds for trainings
*Small Cargo Trailer-LaPine

Small cargo trailer-Crook County
*dry suit, rescue helmets(4)
*rope rescue supplies
*Chevrolet pickup and canopy
*horse trailer
Donations of $!!!!